Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring art opportunities

Tomorrow (Thursday), 6 pm - 8 pm, join me at Churchill Brown and Associates in Nichols Hills Plaza, Oklahoma City, for an evening of eats, drinks, art, and jewelry.  It'll be great.  I will be offering fresh new designs of the necklace and earring variety, for two hours only.  (If you should have to miss, contact me for a private viewing, or take a peek in Istvan Gallery in case any remaining pieces end up there.)

More in the performance art vein, mark your calendars for March 17 and 18, when Oklahoma City Museum of Art will be celebrating 10 years of its current incarnation in the heart of downtown OKC, with free admission, free movies (rumour has it "Zardoz" is amongst them.  I know).   Not to mention a plethora of fantastic activities all weekend long, including exotic professional face painting by yours truly.   Take a look at OKCMoA's website for further details.  This will be an event not to miss, despite the inconvenience of Project 180 making a mess of traffic and parking downtown.

Have you seen "The Artist" yet?  If not, what are you waiting for?  I'm not one for the whole Oscar show-and-tell-and-show-off affair, but must admit this year the winning film deserved every bit of the honour.   What a gorgeous, delightful, straightforward-yet-filled-with-subtlety treat it is.  I won't say just how many times I've taken myself to the cinema to see it, but the last viewing remained as fresh and charming as the first.  No, more so actually.  
When you see me in person, ask about how we found ourselves at a private Oscar watch party, and how I won a copy of the "Hugo" book.
Anyway, "The Artist" is my favorite, though I might still love you if it's not yours (but I won't profess to understand).   I made a 'thank you' card.
Friends of the Library book sale garnered two paper bags filled with treats, mostly old books and biographies.  Documentation to follow, after art obligations are seen to.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Jewelry

A few new pieces added to Istvan Gallery, and more to come for a one-night show on March 1st, at Churchill Brown Associates in Nichols Hills.