Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Past

I mean the way past. While going through an old college yearbook, looking for an original photo for Helga's ArtChix challenge of making an Twinchie using only black and white, I began noticing things. This wasn't my college yearbook, mind, but one from 1926. In 1926, people were much smaller, and they were much less blonde. And much whiter. At least at Oklahoma City University. The girls all had short hair, and (at least on picture day, but I'm betting most other times too) managed that Marcel wave beautifully. The boys all looked about 40.

Here's the Twinchie I created with Miss Vivian Wright, who was the arts editor on the university newspaper. Maybe she'd appreciate being used this way decades later.

The clock gear rotates, and those skinny white things are cat whiskers.

I made a couple other, more uban/edgy pieces as well:

But what also happened, is I became somewhat capitvated by another photo in that yearbook. One fellow didn't look 40, or goofy, or quite cast from the same mold as the others. He looks a lot like a character in a story I've been working on, sporadically, about a woman who meets the ghost of young man from the late 20's.
Yes, this mysterious man is my character:

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dr. Sketchy!

Certainly not a waste of time, or money. For a mere $10, the 25 or 30 participants were treated to a stylish hostess, continuous eclectic music ranging from Blondie & The Cure to Louis & Billie, and the charming Elsa the Wolf as model. The evening began with a saucy burlesque routine, performed to "Accentuate the Positive", from which Elsa went right into a series of 1-minute poses.

Throughout the evening, the poses lengthened in duration, up to 20 minutes, a number of drawing competitions were held, with assorted prizes given out, and a bar offered beer, wine, & mixed drinks. Some light snacks were also available for purchase, but clever me had brought along a tub of cherries from home, so I didn't need any of their junk food. (Okay, maybe I bought a chocolate bar.....).

What, you're asking, did I produce from this three and a half hour artistic extravaganza? Several sketches of course, but nothing yet photographed for your perusal. So sorry. Be patient, I'm sure I'll be sharing my educational process before long.
Next month, another Dr. Sketchy event comes to Oklahoma City, this time with a model called Lu Foxxx. You can bet it's already engraved on my calendar.
If my experience has sounded in the least enticing to you, I urge you to investigate Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, to see if there's a branch in your area. It seems to be growing rapidly, and with little wonder.
Now.....I'm scheduled to pose for the art guild's drawing session tomorrow night. If it doesn't get cancelled due to the layer of ice that's covering everything, I wonder if I should bring along a few props to liven things up?.......

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Best Laid Plans.....

Though we know that plans can go awry, it doesn't stop us making them and hoping for the best, does it? Yesterday's plan was flexible, as usual, but it did include highlights of me stealing Tony away from his intensive orthopedic studies for a little, erm..... (keeping it kitten friendly) marital bliss?, followed by a brisk stroll in the cold bright sunshine over to the cupcakery for a fat mug of coffee and a cleverly named sweet treat. We did accomplish part A (mmrrrrrow), but whilst lounging barely conscious afterward, the phone rang. Someone from the ice rink: "are you Sara's parents? She's hurt herself. I think her ankle's broken...."

So, an unplanned drive to the rink to collect the hobbling, injured girl, a trip to a random "quick treatment, in-and-out" clinic, where her poor kid state insurance card was denied, requiring me to pony up real money, up front, for the visit and x-rays. "Quick" is a term open to interpretation, but I suppose the two hours of mostly waiting was a better deal than we would have gotten at any area ER. Both our parental instincts (not to mention Tony's medical training ones) were correct, and she doesn't have a break, only a sprain/strain sort of thing, which she is now underplaying, once she realized she may not get to skate on her birthday next Saturday; "This is going to be the worst birthday ever. If I can't be on the ice it'll be no fun at all." Poor dear.
While I didn't get my cupcake, at least Sara's not in a cast, and I don't have an $800+ medical bill to contend with; that's a pretty pleasant bright side.
The happiest news though, is tonight I'm going to Dr. Sketchy, yay!!!! This is Sketchy's OKC debut, and I find myself trying not to have horribly high hopes, in order to lower the possible disappointment factor, but I can't help being excited. Honestly, when one sees the words 'burlesque', 'life drawing', 'art', 'alcohol' all together describing one event, how can one not hope for a grand old time?
For the curious, I promise to report back tomorrow, giving details of the good, the bad, and the ugly. For the very very curious, I suggest you google "Dr. Sketchy" to learn more, and see if there are events in your area.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vintage photo canvas collage

"Mac Girls" on top, "To A Good End" below.
To see clear, vivid detail, click on each photo.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Buttons Buttons Buttons!

It began when he bought me a jacket for Christmas; a short, stylish, pea coat affair, with metal, militaryesque buttons. Only one button was missing, and since it was the only jacket in the shop, he got an extra % off the price.
I quickly fixed the buttonless issue, by helping myself to a similar (thought quite a bit more shiny) button from his old postman coat in the attic, 'cos it's not like he'll need it again, being a medical student and all...... It wasn't long after that I lost another button, probably during one of our hikes to the Red Cup Coffee, through the cemetery - the poorly designed cemetery that has only one open gate, forcing us to crawl under the fence on the far side.
Realizing I should look after my jacket a little better, I spilled out my button box, and my button tin, and my button basket & was somewhat dismayed to discover there were very very few metal buttons amongst the thousands! That was odd.
Nevermind, because a couple weeks later, he brought to my desk a little noisy envelope that had come in the mail. He'd ordered it for me as a surprise. What a sneaky sweetie. Needless to say, I now have plenty of metal buttons, and even more than that. My coat is fixed, for now, and the next time something pops off and I don't hear the 'ping' of it escaping, a replacement will be close at hand.
Psst, don't forget to enter for my OWOH pendant below!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One World One Heart Giveaway!

Apologies for the smallness of the image; I've been unable (so far) to replace it, but if you click it, you should get a nice, clear, full size view.

Thanks to everyone who visited me! Wow - 333 - the kitty will have his work cut out for him when it comes to choosing. Commenting is now closed. Winners will be contacted Thursday, Feb. 12, and a new post will announce them as well.

I'm happy to have learned of the One World-One Heart project in time to participate this time. Of course, I'm much more proficient at making tactile things than arranging blog posts and pages, so lets all cross our fingers that I can get the info where it belongs!

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka started this amazing project, and it has certainly blossomed into quite a collection of creative souls. Last I checked, there were over 300 blogs playing along, each offering a delicious prize (sometimes even more), and all you have to do is visit each one, have an inspiring browse, leave a comment & your contact info, and bingo bango - you could be a winner!

For more information, click the One World-One Heart logo. It's a fine, fun way to explore the lives of countless other fascinating people, and make some new, inspiring friends from all over the world. What more could you want?

Oh yeah, maybe a prize in the mail.....

GlassGrrl will be giving you a choice and who doesn't like one of those? Leave me a clever comment (or not, if you don't feel up to the clever part, but I bet you can do it) between now and Feb. 11 (2009 of course). In the early wee hours of Feb. 12, one of my wise and witty cats will choose a lucky winner from amongst the comments (only comments on this particular post will qualify, but feel free to spread your thoughts around if you want).

The winner will be notified by me (cat can't use the keyboard yet with any accuracy), so be sure to include your email and/or website.

Upon winning, said lucky participant will get to pick one of the pendants shown: either Jellyfish, which is made with a piece of green sea glass, twisted, hammered copper wire, and coated with shiny silvery leadfree solder; or, Mucha, two-sided microscope slide pendant. The Mucha image has been enhanced with metallic paint, and the reverse side contains a mini collage with a nautical, French ambience.

Update: since I've gotten so many lovely responses, and there are days and days yet to go, I've changed my giveaway just a bit. The winner will still get to choose from the two pictured pendants, but the cat is going to pick out two more lucky names after that; one will receive the second necklace, and the other will receive a super duper secret mystery pendant. So hows about that? Your chances of winning just tripled. Sort of. Carry on.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Time well spent

Sometimes random things are the best. For instance, in the night, relaxing over a shared bottle of wine, the only true way to make sense of the world is to have Seinfeld on mute, while exploring Tiny Tim videos via YouTube.
After that, all else is pointless.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Farewell, Gimpy

Since September (when this photo was taken), he'd become much handsomer & happier, with a swing in his step, and an "I'm almost one of the family" air about him, poor little guy. We tried to coax him inside, but he'd only come sometimes, and only curl up in the cushy dog bed when he thought no one was watching.
I console myself with the thought he at least had a few happy months before his untimely end.
Yesterday he was discovered in the lane next to the house, mutilated & eviscerated, along with a nameless white and grey kitten (who had lost its head and front legs). I covered them both with fabric and waited for Tony to come home. He dug a grave out back, where we are sadly running out of room, and we buried them together. Gimpy was a very friendly fellow, headbutting every cat he met, so I guess it was fitting that he have a little resting mate in the grave.
Fortunately, all other cats have been accounted for, though they seemed to be lying low most of the morning - was it the especially cold weather, or the knowledge that something fierce and deadly stalks the neighborhood? Who knows.
I have spied a pair of large black dogs roaming free, and am now compelled to dust off the bb gun and have it at the ready in case they wander round these parts again.
RIP Gimpy and your little pal.