Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blizzard! .....or not......

That's right, you're looking at the 6-8" of snow predicted for Oklahoma City. It never arrived last night, as far as I could tell, and this puffy little dusting started in the afternoon and finished shortly after. Not the best photo, but I was compelled to document the "big snow of '09" before putting a box over the tulips so they might survive to open in the sun tomorrow. It is kind of cold though, and mostly gloomy outside, & despite my best intentions, I wasn't as creatively productive as I'd hoped to be. But I've a three-hour bat mitzvah coming right up, which will force me to flex the painting muscles for a while. Seeing as I have to leave the house in 15 minutes, this'll be a quickie of a post, just a catch-up mostly, to let everyone know I survived the gloom & doom fearmongering of the weathermen. Again.
Here's one of the collage mirrors; not complete yet, but in the final stages of polishing and cleaning. What I hate about working with mirror and clear glass - so difficult to get it properly clean, all smudges and smears and bits of lint removed, every trace of flux and polish scrubbed out of the crevices. Then, after all my painstaking efforts, I set them out for public view and they get covered in greasy fingerprints and blowing dust. Maybe I can find a polish-cloth-wielding assistant......

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just Have A Cupcake

I should have known something like this would happen. For months, all those potted plants have been cluttering up the enclosed front porch, getting parched when I forgot to water them, leaking onto the floor when I remembered, sheltering puffs of dust and dog hair, gasping for a bit of filtered wintry light to creep in through the magnolia branches outside the slightly grimy windows. Last week it seemed beyond time to set them outside again, at last, for some real fresh air and sunshine. I hauled them out, one by one and in pairs - the lemon verbena, the prostrate rosemary, the lavender, the somewhat sad bougainvillea that may or may not ever flower again, the endless aloes, the two heavy, sloshing, watery buckets that, when disturbed, smell like a stagnant pond, containing papyrus reeds - they've all been situation in their ideal outdoor spots, and the front porch is a little less claustrophobic now. Yay. So it should come as no surprise to me that there's suddenly a freeze, a snow, and maybe even a blizzard in the weekend forecast. That's just charming. Guess I'll gather a supply of sheets, blankets, towels, and boxes to throw over the most tender of the growing things, all the while hoping the weather guys have, as they often do, gone off the deep end with a wishful, dramatic forecast.
I will be very very glad that this weekend isn't next weekend, as I'm not in the mood to brave a late winter snowstorm whilst cheerfully hawking my wares and body painting skills with cold, numb fingers.It's looking like a weekend for cupcakes, don't you think? Meanwhile, I discovered these teeny catnip seedlings that are, fortunately, tough enough to handle a little inclement weather. I hope.
It's down to the wire with Medieval Faire creating; the collaged mirrors are coming along, and may be at the photogenic stage later today. Keep an eye out, 'cos I'll share when they're ready.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome to Spring

The most recent flurry of art events is behind me now, until Medieval Fair in a couple weeks. Last Friday's "Money Talks Art Walks" was a lot of fun, and (I hear from those in the know) quite successful. One of my pieces, the anti Valentine's heart, went during the $75 round, which made me happy. The other was still on the wall at the end of the $50 round, but organizers announced a last-minute $25 ticket sale, which made a lot of atendees happy. Whether someone snatched up my white flapper collage, I don't know, as Tony was still feeling queasy from commuting in his car with no suspension, and we'd been there over two hours already, so it seemed like time to come home.

Since then, I've been trying to create; got more text pendants on the go, and a few collage-under-glass mirrors to work on. Unfortunately, Buster has developed an all day fondness for
the chair at my desk, and I'm such a pushover I can't bring myself to shove him out.

Anyway, the weather's been so gorgeous it's been a real chore to remain indoors for any length of time. I hear storms may be brewing for the first part of the week, which is just what I need to a. spur on the gardens and b. make me buckle down and finish some pieces for the Fair before it's too late.
As for this blogging stuff, it's getting frustrating, not being able to arrange my text and photos how I want. Clearly it can be done, as everyone else seems to have mastered it, but with me, it's all so random, and unpleasing. Not to mention with just a couple of 'backspace' clicks, I seem to have made one of my photos disappear altogether. Why must this nonsense be so complicated?

That little, brighter green thing in front is a fennel that returns year after year. It gets majestically tall, and is a treat for the swallowtail caterpillars.

A daff, of course, creeping through the rotted wood.

Eeyore, feeling almost safe in her bamboo jungle. (Actually, keeping an eye on The Sidler, who gets a thrill from stalking her.)

The Sidler, pretending he isn't after the catnip under the cage. I wonder if catnip will cross-pollinate with lemon balm? Because I think mine has. That larger one you see has a very lemony scent, but looks much more catnipy than balmy. Never had that happen before.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dai Whiskers

To think I'll never again jingle the keys & have him eagerly scamper to the car for a ride; I'll never leisurely sit in the coffee house or wander through Target for the weekly shopping, while he naps contentedly in the sundrenched backseat. I'll never pull away again under his baleful glare after I've told him "not this time, it's too hot, it's too far," etc. and he's left sitting miffed on the path. Once I put away the scattered plush toys he fetched for us, for reasons only he knew, they'll not come thumping down the stairs again, gripped in his mouth, serenaded by his caterwauling yowl, echoing through the landing. The big red Clifford (almost the size of Dai) under the table where he placed it; the little clip-on koala at the base of a lamp, the green Irish mascot hand puppet with a shock of neon orange hair, even Sara's fleecy winter boot with dangling pom-poms - they will finally rest in her room, never to be collected and dispersed around the house by our Dai Whiskers.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nothing in Particular

The most recent sketching event wasn't the most inspirational, so I won't be sharing my work. It's not that the model was very large - more that she was a - what's the term - freak? sideshow queen? whatever is currently the correct phraseology for it. Human blockhead is one, and I guess she's that too, as she pounded a nail right up her nostril. Don't get me wrong, I have a soft spot for such things. My biggest disappointment about Coney Island is I visited on a Monday, when the freak show was closed. :(

Still, when one is in a mindset to sketch mostly bare body parts, perhaps accentuated with imaginative props, a woman bundled in a strait jacket, baggy black t-shirt, and army pants isn't the most conducive subject. At least not for 2 and a half hours. She did bare herself for the astonishing trick of grasping a big city Yellow Pages under each breast (before you ask, I didn't get out the camera for that). For a wacky bit of entertainment involving fire-eating, bondage-escape, bed-of-nail lying, and such, by all means track down Boobzilla and her Carnival of Cleavage. But for life drawing exercises, eh.

So let's take a little trip back in time, shall we? I found, folded up and scribbled on, what must be my first ever published illustrations. Behold the glorious, unfaded purple mimeograph pages of the school play program, 2nd Grade, October 1972. I can't recall how I came to be well-connected enough to land such a prestigious gig, but not only did I contribute all the drawings, I was even in the cast, as a gypsy.
Keep in mind these imaginative snippets of history are copyrighted, so don't be thinking of nabbing them for your next high-profile project. Thank you.

In other news, last week brought glorious weather. I couldn't resist buying a few plants, and putting a few more seeds into the soil. Naturally, now that the redbuds and peach trees are in full bloom, snow, sleet, and freezes have returned. Hopefully by now the things that grow in this dramatic climate have adapted themselves to nature's wicked mood swings. I wasn't foolish enough to put the basil or tomatoes in the ground yet, so they're safe. Anything else will just have to toughen up and survive.

Wednesday's reception for "Women Who Play With Fire" at Rose State College was festive, with guests, artists, music, and tasty treats. My vintage text pendants are finding loving homes, one by one, which makes me happy, considering I can't wear them all at once. As long as I keep two or three of my very very favorites, I'm willing to let the others go.

Tomorrow night is "Money Talks Art Walks" at IAO on Broadway. Last year I attended, and it was much fun - the art is on display, with no names visible, patrons purchase tickets for $100, $75, or $50, then, beginning with the $100 tickets, names are called, one by one, with each 'winner' getting 30 seconds to choose a piece of art. Clearly it pays to have several choices already in mind, in case one's first pick gets nabbed. Quite an entertaining fundraiser.

Now, Sara is freaking out because apparently the telephone lines are crossed (who knew that could even happen in this modern age?) and she's hearing conversations between strangers, while chatting with her pals. I don't know what she expects me to do about it, at least until tomorrow, when I might or might not opt to deal with AT&T.

My two delightful prizes from One World One Heart have arrived safely through the letterbox, and what treats they are. Very soon I'll have photos to share. Meanwhile, I'll just share a few glimpses of what you might discover wandering around my house with nothing better to do than peer into gloomy corners.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sketches of mine

Here are a few quickies from both Dr. Sketchy sessions, along with a portrait of my Sara, from the day she modelled for Lynn's Los Milagros drawing group.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chances to mingle

Thursday, the 5th, venture out to City Arts Center at the OKC Fairgrounds, for Oklahoma Friendly juried art show. Music, eats, drink, arts, clever people - you couldn't ask for more, really.
The next day, it's First Friday Gallery Walk on Paseo, which is always a fine time to mingle and begin an artful weekend.
Sunday, it's already Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School again! Bring your $10 and art supplies, and get ready for Boobzilla, who is reputed to do amazing things with her 'tremendous breasts'.
Next Wednesday, from 4 - 6 pm, will be the opening reception for "Women Who Play With Fire", at Rose State College, Midwest City, OK. I delivered my pieces today (some of the text jewelry, along with collage under glass and colorful candle boxes), and got a wee sneak preview of some other submissions, including clever, intriguing neon shapes. Come along for the great unveiling and we'll be delightedly amazed together.
I found this photo from last summer. A fragrant reminder that winter will be over soon.

Oh yes, and Momentum, because art doesn't stand still. How could I have neglected that one? All weekend.
Thanks, Leanna.