Monday, June 29, 2009

An act of theft

Laptop, camera, purse with all important contents, cell phone, all brazenly taken out of my house while I worked in the front yard. No pictures for a while............


  1. holy smokes! ... am soooo sorry. hope the bugger gets nabbed.

  2. Oh, Clarissa, I am so sorry. You must feel awful. I shall send some healing vibes to you and your home. Some people are just bloody miserable. Think 'karma' - they will get theirs!

  3. Thank God none of you stumbled upon it and got hurt - you never know what these low life will do when they're cornered - but my blood is boiling to think they would have the audacity to take the things you have worked and saved for. Love to all Kathy & Tom xxx

  4. Just had a chance to catch up on the blog reading and what a shock to hear that you had been robbed!!! They will 'get theirs', what goes around-------, sooner or later. So sorry and bet you were so mad.