Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Festival Time

I know I'm delinquent, and there's really no time just now to go into the storms and the storms and the storms, etc.  Mostly it's been the wedding job keeping me occupied, and hopefully it's coming to an end very soon, seeing as the wedding happens this weekend, as does my long stretch of body painting at Paseo Festival.
With the festival in mind, and prompted by the sudden onslaught of thick hot sticky steamy weather, I was compelled to hit the thrift shop in search of fun, bits and pieces that would be practical to work in.  No one wants to get glitter and smears of paint all over their favorite clothes, but then, neither does one want to spend long hours amongst the public wearing something that's not at least a little delightful.  When garments are picked up for one or two bucks at the second hand store, there's not such a worry about what will happen to them during the festival frenzy.  Unless they're still such lovely pieces that it'd be a shame to ruin.  Ah well.....
Amongst today's loot (three skirts, three tops, a romper, and a belt, all for under $20), were the cotton/lycra halter top by Angie, and the silk two-tone skirt shown here.  I'm wearing them today; maybe they'll be retired until after the festival safely passes.  ;)

This sweet instant ensemble was also part of today's haul.

Part of the epic wedding job was five huge umbrellas.  (Two painted in a wilder, colorful style, and three 'elegant', more subtle ones).  They're finally finished, as are the two decorated chairs.  Well, the chairs are almost finished.  They're coming back for some last-minute touches, because really, what else have I to do a couple days before a big crazy festival?
Speaking of which, don't forget to come see me on Paseo, NW 30th and Paseo Street, Oklahoma City, all weekend long, from Saturday morning till Monday evening.  I'll paint you up real fancy with my exciting new kit of body paints!  And add glitter at no extra charge.
My text and wire jewelry will be (is already) on offer at "A Jeweler's Art", also on Paseo, as well as "Istvan Gallery" on North Western.
Now I think I'll go have a little rest before the creating begins again.

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  1. Great outfit! I think the little something I picked up while thrifting as a pressie for you will go very nicely with that :) Now to get off my butt and mail it off to you *grin*