Monday, October 25, 2010

Music and Art

At 90 minutes, the drive to Tulsa for Decopolis' Gatsby Picnic was a jaunt.  (The picnic was slightly disappointing in its near minimalism, but I'm still glad to have gotten to experience it.)  At closer to 5 hours, the carry on to Kansas City must qualify as a proper road trip.  Jeri and I  made it to our destination without incident, and enjoyed a beautiful, high-energy outdoor performance by The Parlotones, who didn't even have their name on the ticket.  Apparently 98% of the audience were there for Blue October, and it seemed a large portion of those had traveled from out of state for the show.  We tried to stay & enjoy the 'main feature', but after having got what we came for, along with some photos and a chat with the band after their set, it just didn't seem the right thing to risk clouding the experience with a different band, different sound, so we retired to our hotel room up the street, content to bask in our delight.
Back home, it's been time to ratchet up the creative gears a notch or two.  Pendants and other small items being made in time to offer at the Peace Festival, and completion of my mixed-media painting for IAO's Red Dot.  A few detail images:

(Pics will enlarge with a click.) Want to see the entire piece?  I guess you'll have to attend the Red Dot auction, won't you?  (Or at least wait until I have a quality, all-over photo to share.)
It's titled "Lisa se Klavier", having been inspired by a song of that title.  You can hear it here:

Cooler, gray autumn days are so perfect for taking the kayak up to Stinchcomb, where the migratory birds are gathering on their journey south.  It's a real pity hunting season opened Saturday, and more a pity that hunting is allowed at a wildlife sanctuary, and one inside the city limits.  The 'ba-boom' of shotguns does not make for idyllic kayaking ambience.  Nor does the idea of coming back with extra holes in my body.
Guess I'll stick around the house for a while and deal with things like rusted out water heaters.....

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