Friday, March 22, 2013

More small adornments

What a lovely feeling to have discovered a use for many of the old photos I've been collecting.  They're the perfect vehicle for displaying and delivering jewelry creations, and have the charming power to impart an instant aura, don't you think?
"Opulence" necklace (though truth be told I've made things much more opulent), displayed on Joan Crawford.

Green glass earrings on a French souvenir postcard.

This one is for me.  I reckon I should save one piece for personal wear and marketing.

Rooftop Hula Honey.  I love this girl, and am pleased to finally have a reason to share her with the world.

Sunset Express.  I don't know where they were going, but how dapper they are.

Czarina earrings.   An elegant pair of girls from the Old World.


  1. They're all lovely, but you kept a good one! I so rarely make anything for myself but that's slowly changing.

  2. Yes - you must make a treat for yourself now and then. :)