Monday, December 1, 2008

One more blog about art and life...

...because there can never be too many.
Or maybe just because I've found some of the other places I've been using to be too cumbersome to negotiate. Some say blogging is addictive; I say it's somewhat necessary in order to maintain a steady online presence, and keep up with networking, but if it isn't easy and intuitive, it holds no appeal to me.

Really, if I have to click and flick and refresh and resize and move files around and all that other stuff that I'm barely capable of, it's not long before I'm realizing that's time I could be spending cutting glass, tearing paper, spreading caulk, sketching, painting, writing. So I'm going to give this happy, simple, easy-to-negotiate place a try, in hopes it will not be strangulating to my muse.
Speaking of which, it's time to create right now, but check back, because maybe I'll share what I did......

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