Saturday, December 20, 2008

sitting up late

Because when you have a teenaged daughter, that's what you do. I've been to a lovely party, where I saw people I know, people I might know, and people I pretended to know though I don't remember having ever seen them before.
So now I'm sipping the last bits of wine from my hand (mouth?)-blown glass, waiting for the girl to come home, watching "House" (a disturbing recent addiction), and exploring snippets of my past on YouTube.
Ian Anderson frightens me, even thirty years ago. I wasn't so big on "Aqualung" and any possible hits, but I had three records (still do, somewhere, and yes, they're 'records', not tapes or cds or mp3s or anything modern) - "Heavy Horses", "Songs from the Wood", and " Broadsword and the Beast." I had a certain from-the-misty-past romanticism back then, clearly.
So while I'm drawn to the other-worldly musical treat of the British hippy band, looking at the videos now, I openly admit that the whiskers and crazy hair and cigarettes and intense eye thing are somewhat frightening.
I wonder if his grandchildren see him differently?......
In a few hours, the winter solstice will be upon us. The shortest day, the longest, darkest night. But that means from here on out, days will grow longer, nights shorter, and spring is on her way. Slowly, but surely.

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