Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just Have A Cupcake

I should have known something like this would happen. For months, all those potted plants have been cluttering up the enclosed front porch, getting parched when I forgot to water them, leaking onto the floor when I remembered, sheltering puffs of dust and dog hair, gasping for a bit of filtered wintry light to creep in through the magnolia branches outside the slightly grimy windows. Last week it seemed beyond time to set them outside again, at last, for some real fresh air and sunshine. I hauled them out, one by one and in pairs - the lemon verbena, the prostrate rosemary, the lavender, the somewhat sad bougainvillea that may or may not ever flower again, the endless aloes, the two heavy, sloshing, watery buckets that, when disturbed, smell like a stagnant pond, containing papyrus reeds - they've all been situation in their ideal outdoor spots, and the front porch is a little less claustrophobic now. Yay. So it should come as no surprise to me that there's suddenly a freeze, a snow, and maybe even a blizzard in the weekend forecast. That's just charming. Guess I'll gather a supply of sheets, blankets, towels, and boxes to throw over the most tender of the growing things, all the while hoping the weather guys have, as they often do, gone off the deep end with a wishful, dramatic forecast.
I will be very very glad that this weekend isn't next weekend, as I'm not in the mood to brave a late winter snowstorm whilst cheerfully hawking my wares and body painting skills with cold, numb fingers.It's looking like a weekend for cupcakes, don't you think? Meanwhile, I discovered these teeny catnip seedlings that are, fortunately, tough enough to handle a little inclement weather. I hope.
It's down to the wire with Medieval Faire creating; the collaged mirrors are coming along, and may be at the photogenic stage later today. Keep an eye out, 'cos I'll share when they're ready.


  1. i hope your plants survive. oklahoma weather is crazy.

    have you been to sara sara? i'm not a huge cuppies & joe fan.

  2. keeping my fingers crossed that the weathermen are wrong and if they aren't that your plants make it through aok ... and looking forward to your update!