Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome to Spring

The most recent flurry of art events is behind me now, until Medieval Fair in a couple weeks. Last Friday's "Money Talks Art Walks" was a lot of fun, and (I hear from those in the know) quite successful. One of my pieces, the anti Valentine's heart, went during the $75 round, which made me happy. The other was still on the wall at the end of the $50 round, but organizers announced a last-minute $25 ticket sale, which made a lot of atendees happy. Whether someone snatched up my white flapper collage, I don't know, as Tony was still feeling queasy from commuting in his car with no suspension, and we'd been there over two hours already, so it seemed like time to come home.

Since then, I've been trying to create; got more text pendants on the go, and a few collage-under-glass mirrors to work on. Unfortunately, Buster has developed an all day fondness for
the chair at my desk, and I'm such a pushover I can't bring myself to shove him out.

Anyway, the weather's been so gorgeous it's been a real chore to remain indoors for any length of time. I hear storms may be brewing for the first part of the week, which is just what I need to a. spur on the gardens and b. make me buckle down and finish some pieces for the Fair before it's too late.
As for this blogging stuff, it's getting frustrating, not being able to arrange my text and photos how I want. Clearly it can be done, as everyone else seems to have mastered it, but with me, it's all so random, and unpleasing. Not to mention with just a couple of 'backspace' clicks, I seem to have made one of my photos disappear altogether. Why must this nonsense be so complicated?

That little, brighter green thing in front is a fennel that returns year after year. It gets majestically tall, and is a treat for the swallowtail caterpillars.

A daff, of course, creeping through the rotted wood.

Eeyore, feeling almost safe in her bamboo jungle. (Actually, keeping an eye on The Sidler, who gets a thrill from stalking her.)

The Sidler, pretending he isn't after the catnip under the cage. I wonder if catnip will cross-pollinate with lemon balm? Because I think mine has. That larger one you see has a very lemony scent, but looks much more catnipy than balmy. Never had that happen before.


  1. love the photos especially that rosemary bush..I bet it smells gorgeous when you brush past it..congrats on your art sales

  2. Well done on selling your art - do you get the full sale price or a commission for being there? I love your cats. I would like more but we tried it once and Yoda freaked. Mind you, Pixie was a demon in fur. I don't get the whole blog layout thing. Mine is just dull, layout wise. I can't be bothered messing about with it, although sometimes I would like it to reflect 'me' more. I like yours.