Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bon Voyage, Red Roses, and A Million Stars

Okay, I'm not going far, and only for a day at a time, but it's bound to be a long, three-day weekend, & I feel like I'm packing for a world tour. First, though, the day started with this lovely surprise of 20 red roses from Tony - one for each year married.
Next, it's been nearly impossible to find the teeny starry shapes I need for my top secret body painting glitter formula. I used to pick up a little bottle of Doodle Loots in the rubber stamp section of Michael's any time I needed some, but they stopped carrying it. For a while, I could buy it online, but now it seems to have ceased to exist. Long ago, Jones Tones made fantastic star glitter, in silver, and clear iridescent. That, too, has vanished. My only remaining option has been to track down eensy pots of stars sold as nail decorations, or from henna suppliers. I mean really tiny amounts, in eye shadow pots, and for a lot more money than I used to pay. Still, a grrl's gotta get her supply no matter what. Most recently, even those supplies were scarce, and I never knew, when I went searching, if I'd have any success. So, you might imagine my delight Tuesday, while aimlessly browsing the web as Sara practiced her competition routine at the ice rink, to come across a previously unknown crafty source offering silver glitter stars in convenient, and nicely priced half ounce jars. I promptly ordered 10, pleased to stock up for the next several years. Order placed Tuesday afternoon, and Thursday morning it arrived; talk about stellar service. The only strange thing was, I'd seen the product on the online catalog, and it was definitely shown in a typical, clear plastic glitter-holding type jar. Naturally, I expected to received 10 of these to stash away. Instead, squashed into the Priority Mail box was this plastic baggie - like a galactic junkie's dope supply!
I'm not going to complain though, but just be happy I have a million stars to play with.
Last reminder - come out to OU's Medieval Fair, Reeves Park, Norman, OK, Friday through Sunday, to have a festive time, enjoy the year's best people-watching opportunity, peek at all my new, exciting glassware, pendants, text necklaces, and other surprises, and go away with a fantastic bit of body painting. I can't promise you'll be wearing some of these stars, since I've already mixed a day and a half's worth of glitter, but if not now then soon, without a doubt. I'm Glassgrrl Studios in the program, address at the fair, 007.
.You can meet my trusty companions, the collaged stools, when you visit. The one on the left has been with me many, many years, and has got a couple fresh coats of polyurethane today, before the images completely wear off. Not wanting the other to feel left out, I recoated it too. Shiny, drying, and ready for hundreds of bums. Nice.


  1. Happy Anniversary! :)

    I want to play in all those stars!!!

  2. Oh, how romantic of Tony :) I can't remember the last time I was bought flowers :(

    The stars look like fun. I feel like opening the bag and throwing them up in the air :)

  3. Happy Anniversary & congratulations on the 20 year mark ... here's to 20X20 more!!

    Hooray for the bounty of silver stars ... the bag seriously cracks me up. hehe

    Have a wonderful & most successful weekend!

  4. aw, happy anniversary!

    the stars look funnn

  5. OOOOOH been looking for stars like those, can you tell me where you bought them? thanks kindly...


    Try the above link. If it doesn't work, google Kit Kraft inc. and search for "tiny silver stars."