Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cupcake Violation, and Art

Nice to have Medieval Fair behind me once again. In classic OK spring festival tradition, it was too much to hope for three days of decent weather; Friday was pleasant (though the school kid crowd was noticeably smaller this year), Saturday was okay, despite the wind. Nothing was destroyed by it, and sun & mild temps encouraged lots of patrons to descend upon the park, keeping me nonstop busy for 8 hours or so. Sunday morning, I woke to a fierce north wind, clanking trees against the house, giving me a feeling of trepidation, along with a strong urge to stay in bed. I didn't, of course. Got up, packed my gear, including a couple of foil-wrapped samosas in case I had a chance to eat sometime during the day. Saturday night Tony had valiantly ventured to Cuppies & Joe, fetching me a three-pack of cupcakes, one of which I consumed on the spot. The other two were intended to create a moment of tastebud bliss at some point during the remainder of the weekend. If you snooze you lose, apparently, because as you can see from the crime scene photo, my cupcakes were quite violated in the night. The cellophane wrapper brutally ripped open and frosting devoured, tongue-lick by tongue-lick, by a phantom sweet tooth.

As if that wasn't a disappointing enough start to the day, at the end of my thirty-minute drive to Norman, I was greeted by the sight of my canopy frame in a twisted, tangled mass, fabric sides flapping pathetically in the strong gusts. Not much to do but pick up the scraps and go home. I console myself by thinking there wouldn't have been much business on such a raw day, but then I suspect I probably would have earned enough to buy a new canopy.....
And here's a caveat in the "be careful what you wish for" vein: that morning, as I was putting on my medieval clothes, Tony was smartening himself up with a tie and such, preparing to go to church. I said, "when you're there, why don't you pray for this stupid wind to stop." He replied to the effect if the wind's blowing, it's meant to blow, which wasn't the consolation I was seeking, so he acquiesced and agreed to pray. Turns out he didn't address the wind issue, but simply hoped I'd have an easier day. Reading Scott and Zelda's letters, napping for an hour, then having a Frito pie at Red Cup is certainly easier than spending 11 hours battling the elements, but still.....
I'd like to do more atcs.


  1. Sorry about the cupcakes and the canopy. :(

    Tony goes to church?

  2. My favorite is the first ATC, the strands of beads along her hair and the ribbon across her chest are just beautiful. I really like the two lower ones as well cause they are all collagey (is that even a word?!) I've gotta get back to making more atcs, mine are all cutesy for a swap I was in. Alan is dying to type...mmmmwmwmwwwwww
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