Friday, May 8, 2009

Not Lost...

...just doing stuff. And experiencing camera issues. I originally chalked it up to one bad disc, but as the unpredictability continued - unpredictably - I had to conclude it's either the camera itself, or the new breed of mini cds available. It's not always a big deal, but when 20 teens have gathered in a secret secluded castle of a home, all eager for creative prom night photos, and more than half of them mysteriously vanish (photos, not teens), one realizes just how disappointing it is for a piece of technology to malfunction. As someone who relies in more ways than one on visual stimulation and expression, I accepted it was time to bite the budget bullet and purchase a new camera. After a bit of research, I went with Abe's of Maine (cleverly located in New Jersey), for quick service and free shipping. The Rebel Xsi was ordered Monday, and arrived on my doorstep Thursday. I have much exploring to do, which will be more a pleasure than a chore.
One of the first photo ops came this morning; at the gate of my 7:30 client, I reached out the car window to punch in the entry code, and noticed a pale green fluttering in the pansies. Could it be an elusive luna moth? I left the car to investigate and that's just what it was. But so sad - frantically scrambling, awkward, damaged, unable to fly. So beautiful, so doomed. I collected it and laid it in the passenger seat, hoping it would calm down (or die, to be honest, since I didn't want the dilemna of considering a mercy kill). It settled in the shade of a magazine, where I hoped it would stay while I spent an hour with the client. After that hour, I peeked carefully into the makeshift grotto of the car seat, to discover the moth was gone. Checked that I hadn't sat on it, or that it wasn't about to be crushed on the floor, but it was nowhere in sight. Now there's not a chance it would have flown away, with an entire hind wing missing (bird attack, I presume), so I drove away, figuring I'd give the car a thorough search when I got home. A few blocks down 23rd street I cleverly avoided an accident when I turned my head to the right and caught a startling glimpse of big green moth wing perched on the headrest. Yikes! It stayed there while I shopped for groceries, carried on home, went inside to fetch the shiny new camera (I opted for a silver body 'cos I think it looks classy and camera-like; Tony says it looks cheap), returned to the car, stopped Booger climbing in, and took a few photos.

Later I played with roly polies on mica.

Last Sunday was Dr. Sketchy again. I only attempted a few photos with the old camera, most of which seemed a bit unsatisfactory. This pose is one of my favorites, an not just because I covet the corset.

The moth is still hanging out in my car and I don't know what to do with it, poor thing.


  1. I have been wondering where you had gone.
    I need a new camera but I am too lazy to bother learning one. I'm more your 'point and shoot' type person and then get disappointed with the results. What I see isn't what turns up on the print :(
    Don't ask me about the moth. Perhaps leave it on a bush in the garden and let Mother Nature do her thang.
    Fab corset! I want a corset but I'm not brave enough.

  2. Sounds like you had a quiet little pet for your morning of errand running. :P So very fun. Nice pic. I'm still on the search for a new camera...have my mind mostly made up, just have to haul off and actually order and get it!