Monday, May 18, 2009

Paseo Arts Festival!

Camera issues are solved, but Blogger issues maybe not. I would have been back earlier if things hadn't gone wonky whilst trying to share photos last week. Maybe you'll see these, maybe not; it's pretty certain you won't see all the ones I wanted to share, but there you go. No time to mess with it further, as tomorrow is the start of Paseo Arts Festival - a three day extravaganza of artists, performers, galleries, cafes, musicians, etc. all along The Paseo, Oklahoma City. In fact, I shouldn't even be here typing when my tent is still there in the front porch rather than being set up in its designated area down the street.
Come see me, and maybe I'll tell you about these photos there.....


  1. that snake looks pretty big ... why, exactly, are you standing so close?

    ... and yes, more about the under-the-sea pretties, please. :)

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