Monday, July 27, 2009

On The Road, Briefly

What have you missed by not being me? The teen finally getting her license to drive, after two consecutive, early morning trips to the DMV; the teen actually buying bits at a salvage shop and installing them on her car (impressive); Tony and me using random nuts and bolts and washers from Ace Hardware to put my gearshift together again; a paper parasol in the afternoon sun; face painting happy, upper middle class birthday kids, & face painting 'life isn't fair' emergency shelter kids; a dead cat; Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art school, July edition.

Tomorrow morning I hit the road for the high country. That's right, Colorado here I come. Only for a quickie though; the now-driving child (who is NOT driving on this trip) is off to the ice skating national competition at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs. She's actually traveling with her coach, staying in a hotel all week, and that sort of thing, while I'm driving to mother's digs in the foothills of the Spanish Peaks. I'll dangle around the quiet mountain town for a day or two, then head for the Springs to watch Thursday's competition. Must drive home Friday though, as I've a job Saturday, body painting at the Bethany Library's ice cream social. Ya'll come.

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  1. Someday I swear I will visit and go to a Dr. Sketchy with you. :)