Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quickie update: I went to Colorado, car didn't break down, weather was gorgeous, scenery was magnificent, cool nights, fog, fireplace, vandalism and eerie noises from wild animals; Sara competed in the National State Games (or something like that, I'm no good at remembering titles); got home safely.

Body painting parties, wiffle ball game, working on several art projects that I don't like to show until they're complete. Here's a hint though - one (maybe two) is an entry for a show designed for the visually impaired, no color allowed! Now that's a challenge.
Last Monday night, just as she was leaving to hang with her pals, Sara knocked on the door and presented me with the wee beast you see below. Said it was wandering around in the street, in the dark, just asking to get knocked over. Beast is a girl, soft, scruffy, skinny, sweet as can be. And still here, obviously.

In the mail; I worked out my budget to allow for a replacement of the Canon Rebel, and even found a silver-bodied one on Ebay, silver being hard to find, and more expensive on the rare occasion it does turn up. Package arrived today - hooray! So these pics may be the last you see for a while, taken with the Sony. I have to refamiliarize myself with the Canon, of course, but that will be a pleasure.
The other week, the most charming, sweet little surprise arrived in the post - this delightful eensy Trollflings snail! Isn't it the bee's knees?


  1. So glad you are getting another Rebel! A pox on the bastard who stole your old one.

    The kitten is delicious and I wish I had room for her. We had our own stray show up. A big brindle girl dog who tried to eat the cats and Fern tried to eat her! Needles to say, we couldn't keep her :(

  2. Umm that is needless, though I do have many needles.

  3. I so enjoy your blog...seems so much more creative than mine....I like the openess of Colorado. I saw that art event - no color....yes it should be interesting. I am thinking of creating something for the "Containment" show....
    Sure you enjoy your creative energy....