Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Gorgeous Beginning to September

People may grumble about clouds and rain and gray days and cool winds and no sunshine, but not me, baby. I love it. I eat it up! Maybe not eternally, but in a place known for mild (hot) weather and no end of sun, I embrace these cloudy cozy days.
My autumn plans included some private parties, some possible art openings (well, definite art openings, but possibly containing my art on the walls), the Plaza Festival, Oct. 3, and the Peace Festival, mid-November. The latter part of all that has changed today, with a phone call. The Oklahoma Arts Institute down at Quartz Mountain has contacted me about modeling for a portrait painting workshop, and having just spoken about the event a week ago with someone else, I simply couldn't say no to this opportunity.
Having checked the website of the artist giving the workshop, I'm ever so impressed, and hopeful that by osmosis I might take away a wee grain of inspiration.
Anyway, with the weather, I've been channeling Bohemia lately.


  1. Clarissa
    Beautiful post. I am a lover of Fall and rainy days! Love your work and your blog!

  2. No fan of summer am I. Clouds are a photographer's friend and there is something delicious about beaches in winter. May the light fall kindly upon your workshop.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful experience! One of these days I'll take that workshop.

    Thanks for coming to my reception at the museum last week! I didn't get to talk with you but I saw your shining face.

  4. I love Fall and hope it makes it's fleeting appearance out here in the desert. I may be lucky and we will have a day or two of it!