Monday, September 7, 2009

Here Comes Autumn

The sun is still warm on bright days, but as evening air cools and thins, I know it'll soon be time to dust off the cozy layers, and the stockings, and maybe even hats and armwarmers, in preparation for the season of Scorpiofest. I can't help but be happy.
Of course, I'd be a smidge more happy to acquire an old canoe, like this. We were treated to a glimpse of the Red Cup employees and friends Labor Day bash this weekend, in the wild woods outside of Stroud. A beautiful, peaceful place, with a little pond I could drift on for hours. Or better yet, take photographs, sketch, lounge, and sip a drink while Tony does all the work. ;)

A visit to the antiques market was a fun diversion Saturday afternoon. Several old patterns (both sewing and knitting/crochet), magazines, 2 photos, 2 tiny tins, a pair of battered old fedoras, and a mannequin head all found their way home with me.

This was a lazy day (after a 7:30 am client for me, and an early hours run for Tony). We cooked an egg, onion, cheese scrambled, sipped some French pressed Columbian coffee, lounged a bit, then eventually took a drive out and about, ending up at the book shop for a coffee and shared pretzel. (B&N wasn't our choice, but seemed to be the only coffee joint opened today.)
As the sun lowered behind the magnolia, leaving the front step in cool shade, we cooked a couple garden burgers on the mini charcoal grill. And a foil packet containing broccoli and sliced red onions. Mmmm. Maybe I'll come back and edit in the photos once I retrieve them from the camera. Or maybe I'll just incorporate them into the next post.


  1. Great eye for the gorgeous thistles! Nerdy question: What lens? HNY Cameron

  2. For some reason, these photos cropped themselves when added to the blog. The full composition can be seen on flickr, in the 'green and growing' set. Taken with the standard, comes-with lens on my Rebel XSi. And thank you; I'll always graciously accept a complement from a pro. ;)

  3. Not my words, but cribbed from an exchange between two other bloggers and should explain the cropping. Your skill with that lens makes you a pro! Best 2010 Wishes from Biscuit, Leigh and Cameron

    "The problem stems from Blogger's default page styles. The left panel (where the photo and text go) is fixed at 410 pixels wide. Flickr's default photo size is 500 pixels wide. As such, Blogger displays just the first 410 pixels and cuts the rest.

    "One quick fix is to change the HTML when you paste in the photo. The img tag will have a height and width setting. If you set the width to, say, "400" and the height to "280," you should preserve the same W-H ratio, but fit the full photo into the panel."
    via Vélo Vogue