Saturday, October 31, 2009


I read somewhere that to be successful, a blog needs to be updated twice weekly, at the very least. well, at least I'm successful in some areas.......

Recent activities: mixed media painting/collage for IAO's upcoming Red Dot auction. I'm not too proud to admit I've become rather attached to this piece, and will set a reserve if given the option. (Click to enlarge, if you're interested in details.)

This painting is called "Miss Jeannie", after the homeless kitty who inspired it. By the night of Sit.Stay.ART event, all the animals except one had found real homes. Hooray. I just hope Miss Jeannie's new people look after her real good.

Next, a silhouette inspired by Annie and Bindlestiff Willie, for "Out of Sight", an IAO exhibit geared toward those with vision impairments. A challenge, to say the least, but an enjoyable one.

And lastly, a wee possum playing possum, after snacking on leftover cat food.


  1. So glad that the homeless animals found homes. I love Miss Jeannie, she looks beautiful.

  2. I am also pleased that Miss Jeannie found a home, along with the other poor animals.

    My sons class recently did silhouettes as part of their art projects, and they were excellent.