Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November has begun delightfully. Tony and I spent some time at the Girlie Show Friday night (my birthday), which may have been a bit too loud and crowded, but at least we can say we've done it now. Saturday we ventured up to Tulsa for breakfast at Queenie's, a browse through junk and antique shops, and a peek at the "Vintage Show", which, as far as I can figure, is Tulsa's version of Buchanan's Antiques Market. Only not every month, like we get it here in OKC.
Sunday I did my duty for IAO's Red Dot publicity campaign, posing with one of several Red Dot sculptures installed around the city. Erin, the organizer, asked me to wear something 'fun and costumey'. Shockingly, as I gazed at my wardrobe, nothing looked like a costume at all. Whatsoever. Sara's Halloween get-up was hanging outside her bedroom, however, so I nabbed that instead. Well, the skirt, stockings, boots, and wig are mine, but I'm wearing her blouse, vest, and jacket.

And as seen below, I won the coveted, first-ever title of Red Cup WinterSquash Queen! Yes, I'm still giddy with excitement. (In the picture I'm bending to retrieve a chandelier crystal that had fallen off my crown.)

As of tomorrow - Oklahoma Arts Institute, Quartz Mountain! Will I be taking some photos? You bet, baby.


  1. Hon, I totally love your style! Every time I see pictures of you I resolve to get my fat ass out of sweats and into something a little more stylish, and yet ... {sigh}

  2. If you throw your sweats away, you won't be able to wear them.... ;)

  3. You look especially tasty in the red get-up grrl. You need to wear it more often!

  4. Good idea, except I wouldnt have anything to wear to the gym or to gymnastics. I dn't think I could manage in heels and a skirt! :)