Monday, December 14, 2009

'Tis the Season to Socialize

In November there was Champagne and Chocolate at Livings Arts, in Tulsa. MJ, Carolyn, and I made the trek for a lovely evening filled with - what else? - champagne and chocolate. And tasty savory food and much delightful art. Jenan was once again a ceramic corset model, and chocolate profferer.
The following day, Tony's folks arrived from Ireland to attend a real old-fashioned American Thanksgiving dinner, and Tony's graduation from medical school.

Somewhere along the way I had one of 'those' days, in which everything seemed a little awkward and off-kilter. These two spills happened within 10 minutes of each other.

So, in a nutshell, there was Thanksgiving in Duncan, Tony's graduation, Paseo Art Walk - cut short in order to get Tony to his surprise party at Istvan Gallery, where a fantastic assortment of friends and family had gathered to wish him well and congratulate him. After the initial shock (and venting by calling me a dirtbag (albeit with a smile)), he got into the swing of things and a grand, grand time was had by all. Photos here soon, perhaps, but already on fb. Then there was the Christmas parade in Stockyards City, featuring a herd of longhorns rumbling down the street; dancing to the divine, golden age music at Ingrid's Kitchen, and various other escapades that escape me at the moment.
Though the folks were here for Sara's winter orchestra concert at Classen SAS, they flew away early the next morning, no doubt to carry back to Eire tales of the rambunctious, party-a-minute lifestyle we're living out here in the wild west. ;)
They were not here for the Christmas Exhibition at Arctic Edge Ice Rink, in which Sara skated a lovely solo, and then teamed up with Jared for an enchanting duet, skated to "Once Upon A December."
They've taken the show on the road, so to speak, and have skated it twice at the outdoor, downtown ice rink. A few more performances may happen before the year ends.

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