Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm not fooled... these past few mild, sunshiney days. All it takes is a glimpse of my photos from last year, late March I believe, of snow on the tulips, to realize winter can (and probably will) pack a late punch any time in the next many weeks. That knowledge makes these rare days even more special; I'll take them as they come and make the most of them.

In art, my two pieces for "Money Talks, Art Walks" IAO benefit found homes during the auction, which makes me happy. As submissions are suppose to be anonymous, I didn't like to share them before the event, but now it's over, here they are.

Next, a few very different commissions, and working on possible pieces for "Oklahoma Friendly" and "Biting the Apple". Nothing but ideas and loose sketches so far, but canvases have been ordered, and deadlines are only a few weeks away, so I really should get busy. Right now.

1 comment:

  1. Those are gorgeous! I wish I could do art like that.

    I'm waiting for another snow fall that is rumored to hit on Monday. We've already had three feet. Not happy about kidlet being cooped up again. Sigh.