Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A hint of spring

It's been a long, gray, cold, wet, dreary winter. Typical for some places, but hardly acceptable conditions for the sunny plains. If the birds know what they're about (and I suspect they do, at least as much as the weathermen and most likely tons more), spring is about to properly descend upon us. There has been endless twittering and trilling and scolding and all manner of frisky avian activity in the trees. Beneath the sheltering straw, I've spotted seedlings of fennel and anise hyssop looking for the sun, and tulips are pushing through the soil.
Still, most days are more suited to, oh, a little reading perhaps? Good thing the annual library book sale just happened, and good thing I (as usual) gave in to that visceral reaction I have to books.
Take a look at my haul!

Of course, grrl does not live by books alone, so I have just treated myself to my very first steel-boned corset. If I don't break it (or myself) whilst learning how to properly wear and care for it, I look forward to a spring and fall of tailored fashions. Summer? Oh I don't think so. Far too hot for any extra layers at all.


  1. Oh, my! We have a long way to go till spring here in Michigan! But those books -- I would pick so many of the same ones! Good thing I wasn't at your sale -- it could have been ugly!

  2. Way to go on the book haul! You're worse than me for buying books!
    A steel boned corset? Is it easy to wear?