Monday, December 27, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Another year is quickly coming to an end.  I have no reason to  complain about what the past 12 months  have brought me, and only hope the next 12 are equally as generous.
We were fortunate to have crisp, clear skies the night of the Solstice total lunar eclipse.  It was a magickal thing to witness as slowly but steadily the shadow overtook the moon, until just a fingernail sliver of gleaming white remained.  Once the shadow was complete, the moon appeared as a faint, muddy red orb, constantly undergoing subtle shifts of hue and dimness.  My intent was to watch until the light began to return, but earth sure casts a huge shadow - the darkness must have lasted an hour, if not more, and by 2:15am, I was so cold and sleepy, I took myself indoors to bed.
I designed this heron as a gift for my client who lives near the wildlife area where Tony and I kayak.  Patterns aren't my favorite thing to work with, but now and then I enjoy drawing one up and turning it into a completed work of glass and wire.
Christmas was a treat, as it always is.  Low key, stressless time with family, as well as calling on friends to deliver cookies. 
Here is a small portion of some of the charmingly thoughtful gifts I received.
This morning, I took myself to the Red Cup for a brunch of gringo salad and Columbian supreme coffee.  And a little read of Little Edie's charming diary.

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  1. I love the heron! And BOOKS! Books are great gifts.