Friday, December 3, 2010

A Little Color

Over the weekend I was thinking I need to collect my found object painting, "Lisa se Klavier" from IAO Gallery after the Red Dot auction, but Monday morning before I left the house, the mailman brought a check and a thank-you from IAO for participating in the event.  That's the kind of surprise I could get used to.   I didn't recognize the name of the buyer, but am happy the painting has a found a good home.
Tomorrow night is Trinkets and Baubles at Red Cup, for which I've finished a few new works, other than charms and the previously previewed collaged pendants.
These are quickie photos, taken just before packing and delivering to the site, and primarily for documentation, but with a gloomy winter weekend looming, it seemed the thing to do to share some glowing color.

This evening is Paseo's First Friday Gallery Walk, which I recommend taking advantage of - much fresh art up and down the street (including some brand new saucy text pendants in A Jeweler's Art), treats and libations, caroling, some sort of tree-lighting ceremony, and mostly - one final balmy evening before winter blasts   into OKC.  
Tony and I were planning a kayak outing this afternoon, but time didn't allow, so I'm watching the lengthening shadows, knowing this could be the last golden, friendly day for some time.  
Oh well, more reason to bundle up at the easel and make more paintings....

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