Monday, January 26, 2009

Dr. Sketchy!

Certainly not a waste of time, or money. For a mere $10, the 25 or 30 participants were treated to a stylish hostess, continuous eclectic music ranging from Blondie & The Cure to Louis & Billie, and the charming Elsa the Wolf as model. The evening began with a saucy burlesque routine, performed to "Accentuate the Positive", from which Elsa went right into a series of 1-minute poses.

Throughout the evening, the poses lengthened in duration, up to 20 minutes, a number of drawing competitions were held, with assorted prizes given out, and a bar offered beer, wine, & mixed drinks. Some light snacks were also available for purchase, but clever me had brought along a tub of cherries from home, so I didn't need any of their junk food. (Okay, maybe I bought a chocolate bar.....).

What, you're asking, did I produce from this three and a half hour artistic extravaganza? Several sketches of course, but nothing yet photographed for your perusal. So sorry. Be patient, I'm sure I'll be sharing my educational process before long.
Next month, another Dr. Sketchy event comes to Oklahoma City, this time with a model called Lu Foxxx. You can bet it's already engraved on my calendar.
If my experience has sounded in the least enticing to you, I urge you to investigate Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, to see if there's a branch in your area. It seems to be growing rapidly, and with little wonder.
Now.....I'm scheduled to pose for the art guild's drawing session tomorrow night. If it doesn't get cancelled due to the layer of ice that's covering everything, I wonder if I should bring along a few props to liven things up?.......


  1. definitely bring props!

    looks like you all had a terrific model & I can't wait to see the sketches that came from the evening ... thanks for sharing.

    ps - I did check out Dr Sketchy in my area and the closest one (so far) is about 2 hours north. keeping my fingers crossed they come further south. :)

  2. Darn...I remember Ashely giving me something on this...and wanted to go....I would like to have experienced it is nothing like I been involved in before. How do you become a model....?
    Good to know there is another event coming in the future. If I am in town...I would like to come. Lynn

  3. Hi there...I have been trying to comment on your OWOH post because I would simply love to win one of your pendants...but the comment form seems to be malfunctioning I thought I'd comment here. I know you probably can't enter me into the draw from this post...but I wanted to say "hi" anyway...and I can't wait to see the pictures from the Mr Sketchy looks like a blast. Thanks for dropping in on my blog for OWOH - It's great to meet you.

  4. What fun! I wqant to be the model.....should have started laying plans at 13:>)

  5. I'm really jealous!
    Me and a friend were trying to set a Dr. Sketchy's night up over here (in Bristol, UK, actually) at one time, but it just didn't happen. One day...

    I actually joined the University Burlesque society here (Lampeter, Wales) in the hopes that I'd learn something beautiful, but haven't yet actually been to any classes!