Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Best Laid Plans.....

Though we know that plans can go awry, it doesn't stop us making them and hoping for the best, does it? Yesterday's plan was flexible, as usual, but it did include highlights of me stealing Tony away from his intensive orthopedic studies for a little, erm..... (keeping it kitten friendly) marital bliss?, followed by a brisk stroll in the cold bright sunshine over to the cupcakery for a fat mug of coffee and a cleverly named sweet treat. We did accomplish part A (mmrrrrrow), but whilst lounging barely conscious afterward, the phone rang. Someone from the ice rink: "are you Sara's parents? She's hurt herself. I think her ankle's broken...."

So, an unplanned drive to the rink to collect the hobbling, injured girl, a trip to a random "quick treatment, in-and-out" clinic, where her poor kid state insurance card was denied, requiring me to pony up real money, up front, for the visit and x-rays. "Quick" is a term open to interpretation, but I suppose the two hours of mostly waiting was a better deal than we would have gotten at any area ER. Both our parental instincts (not to mention Tony's medical training ones) were correct, and she doesn't have a break, only a sprain/strain sort of thing, which she is now underplaying, once she realized she may not get to skate on her birthday next Saturday; "This is going to be the worst birthday ever. If I can't be on the ice it'll be no fun at all." Poor dear.
While I didn't get my cupcake, at least Sara's not in a cast, and I don't have an $800+ medical bill to contend with; that's a pretty pleasant bright side.
The happiest news though, is tonight I'm going to Dr. Sketchy, yay!!!! This is Sketchy's OKC debut, and I find myself trying not to have horribly high hopes, in order to lower the possible disappointment factor, but I can't help being excited. Honestly, when one sees the words 'burlesque', 'life drawing', 'art', 'alcohol' all together describing one event, how can one not hope for a grand old time?
For the curious, I promise to report back tomorrow, giving details of the good, the bad, and the ugly. For the very very curious, I suggest you google "Dr. Sketchy" to learn more, and see if there are events in your area.


  1. Sounds entriging, I'm off to google, can't wait to hear how you got on :)
    Sounds like an eventful day, glad no bones were broken and I'm sure your daughter will have a fun filled day anyway :)

  2. thrilled to hear Sara's ankle isn't broken & will cross my fingers that she has a speedy (and honest) recovery.

    ok, sad to admit that I had to google it, but now that I did ... I sooooo wish I could join you. it's a good thing you're promising to report back - can't wait to hear all about it. Have a BLAST!

  3. Just wanted to stop by again take another look around your wonderful blog and say thanks so much for stopping by my OWOH Giveaway! Visiting all the blogs is such fun! And it's so nice to meet you! (I've joined your blog as a follower!)

  4. I love the art in this post, and I'm happy there were no broken bones. I've had broken at various times two arms and three legs. Lovely.

  5. Ah, nothing more heart-stopping than "Are you Sara's parents? She's had an accident". Glad to hear she is fine. That is one benefit of living in the UK - NHS!