Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Buttons Buttons Buttons!

It began when he bought me a jacket for Christmas; a short, stylish, pea coat affair, with metal, militaryesque buttons. Only one button was missing, and since it was the only jacket in the shop, he got an extra % off the price.
I quickly fixed the buttonless issue, by helping myself to a similar (thought quite a bit more shiny) button from his old postman coat in the attic, 'cos it's not like he'll need it again, being a medical student and all...... It wasn't long after that I lost another button, probably during one of our hikes to the Red Cup Coffee, through the cemetery - the poorly designed cemetery that has only one open gate, forcing us to crawl under the fence on the far side.
Realizing I should look after my jacket a little better, I spilled out my button box, and my button tin, and my button basket & was somewhat dismayed to discover there were very very few metal buttons amongst the thousands! That was odd.
Nevermind, because a couple weeks later, he brought to my desk a little noisy envelope that had come in the mail. He'd ordered it for me as a surprise. What a sneaky sweetie. Needless to say, I now have plenty of metal buttons, and even more than that. My coat is fixed, for now, and the next time something pops off and I don't hear the 'ping' of it escaping, a replacement will be close at hand.
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  1. Oh thinks you have a collection going here!

  2. Hooray for the button jar!
    A couple of years ago I had my niece over to spend the night. She LOVES doing crafts at Auntie Lori's house. She decided she wanted to make button necklaces. So, I pulled out the button jar and she went to town. Lets just say she has impeccable taste in buttons. She made a necklace for each of us and used up most of the really good buttons. I've still got them hanging in my jewelry box. I don't have the heart to cut them apart and reclaim my buttons. So I'm still rebuilding the collection.

  3. me thinks you've got yourself a keeper. :)

  4. I too love buttons! What a guy! I seperate all my buttons in canning jars and I have a whole jar full of metal buttons, they are some of my faves. Sometime we'll have to talk buttons....

  5. Love these pieces a well as the glasswork. I want to get to the point of doing a little collage . I did some in college so maybe still can! I used to keep a button jar as a child! Buttons and wooden thread spools!The button collection is wonderful! For years I cut off buttons from worn out clothes!

  6. Hello Cousin! I really enjoy perusing your blog! Much more interesting than your lil' Eastcoast cousin's. :P Tony is SO sweet! Hope Sara has a great birthday regardless being on the ice or not. Stay warm and safe out there in the blustery icey world.