Saturday, February 21, 2009

How Does A Post Just Disappear?

So, I was in the midst of telling about this glass, that I've dubbed the Mojito Glass, because one time I drank pre-mixed mojitos in it (then took the photo, when only drooping ice cubes were left), face painting at the art museum's Harlem Renaissance family day for intense hours in a row, leaving my camera, stealing the very beginnings of a nap but having to wake up and feed the cats, go get my camera back, travel up to the ice rink to face paint a bunch of glamorous skater for the premiere of DreamSkate, something about hating Celine Dion but appreciating the routine done to "My Heart Will Go On" (gack), with a skater in drag, complete with wig, tiara, unibrow, orange life vest, and an iron lotus involving a floppy male mannequin. Comic relief is what makes life worthwhile. My original thoughts were lucid and clever, but with a random click of a button, seem to have vanished into another dimension. I haven't the strength to attempt a recreation, so let's just leave it at tomorrow I'll see a client, squeeze in a bite of brunch, get myself back to the rink for a repeat performance of painting the skaters, rush myself back to the City in order to rescue more dusty, musty books at the library book sale, and end the evening at the second installment of Dr. Sketchy. Yes, it's that time again already. What a shame I'm a type C personality. How I long for a do-nothing day to appear on my calender. Not for while yet.


  1. can't wait to hear more about the Mojito glass and Dr. Sketchy ... will there be pics of skaters, too?

    Wishing you that day of do-nothing!