Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How Fierce A Fiend is Passion.

A freshly completed necklace that's tricky to photograph. The pale background shows the glass hues best, but a dark one would highlight the silver chain; camera angle and variances in glass shape distort the text, but in real life it can be read clearly. As creative types, I'm sure you can use your imaginations. Not to mention clicking on the photo will make it bigger and clearer.
I'm having a fine time with my 1952 book of Eighteenth Century Plays, reading and cutting and reading and cutting and reading and reading and reading..... I like to know what I'm slicing into, but in reading I get caught up in the story and don't want to stop.
Still, there are already other snippets of text under glass: "to ease an aching heart,", "Oh! had I lived in those days", "Thou art a pert merry hussy.", "this strange lady", "I fear 'tis all a dream.".
Meanwhile, I agreed to one of those annoying telephone opinion things, that involved my receiving a dvd to watch - today, and today only - (UPS finally delivered it at 4 pm), fill out some paperwork, and expect a follow up call tomorrow, to answer questions about what I viewed. I should have had it watched by now, but have been unable to figure out the dvd player. Guess I don't spend enough time with certain machines in the house.
As we live by the Muses
Here's an atc I just created, after receiving a sweet packet of paper treats from Helga of Art Chix Studio. It was my prize for her 'make something out of scraps' challenge, and she asked me to create something with her goodies. The watercolor card, vintage music, and colorful bird were included. The pink shiny bits had arrived last week, in another card from Helga. This was fun, despite pink not being a color I normally gravitate toward, I enjoy looking at this little card. It makes me smile.
(If you're looking for my One World One Heart giveaway, check the post archives; it's in January, and you can still enter to win. Comments are open through Feb. 11.)


  1. the DVD part has me in stitches ...

    ... but that piece! I love the way you joined all the elements. I think you should include another photograph with it on a black background - both views will add to the imagination. :)

    can't wait to see how you use "thou art a pert merry hussy" ... what a great tumble of words.

  2. This is a striking piece and with a feeling of timelessness

  3. Hi. I was trying to post on your OHOW giveaway post but the comment area only shows half of it and I can't read the verification code to retype it in. So even though I'm not able to enter your giveaway, I did want to tell you that you have a nice blog. Sorry to hear the cat doesn't type real well. Maybe one of these days?