Sunday, February 8, 2009

Making Valentines

Since I've received a few Valentines in the mail, I figured I'd better get busy making some. The ones completed and sealed up today, ready for posting, didn't get photographed. They were okay; nice enough, not unpleasing, but not exactly me, in the expressive, creative sense of the word. Fair enough, doing Valentines is tricky, due to most people having sweet, charming, romantic notions about them. I found myself catering to the taste of others with this first batch.
If I were making a Valentine for myself, it'd be out of materials like those shown; empty rib cages, smudges of black and blood red ink, anatomical engravings torn from old medical texts..... that sort of thing. Maybe I'll do some of those this week, but I wonder who (besides me) would appreciate being on the receiving end?
The sinus/allergy/cold meds I've been trying this weekend have been pretty feeble. All I wanted was to empty my head of the goo that's taken up residence. Thanks to the skanky meth lab characters, pseudoephedrine has become hard to track down, and a pain to purchase, but this evening I'm concluding it's worth the effort. One 12-hour, Target brand tablet has cleared me up beautifully. I can tell it's the drug working, because aside from snot-free sinuses, my head is just a little 'not normal', if you know what I mean. I'm probably still safe to drive, but you shouldn't ask me to operate a crane or give me the keys to a forklift.
It's a little funny that I have to produce a photo i.d. and sign my name in order to purchase the pills, but ask someone to do the same while casting a vote, and suddenly all sorts of civil liberties are being violate. Hmmmm. What about my right to pursue the happiness of clear and open sinuses, while also maintaining my anonymity?
See how wise and philosophical pseudoephedrine makes me?
Now, instead of returning to the desk in a creative frenzy, which is what I'm in the mood for, it's time to begin car shopping for the teen. Let's hope my lucid judgement will come in useful while evaluating the charms of a cheap Dodge Neon.


  1. you might want to think about trying your hand at the Anti V-day contest ... ribs and anatomical sketches seem quite appropriate. besides, there's a whole world of slightly off balanced individuals that would get a kick out of a little black hearted humor. :)

    much luck with the car shopping.

  2. Ooh I say, 3rd Eye, that sounds like my kind of party! ;)

  3. You have to SIGN for sinus relief drugs? Wow. An aromatherapist friend of mine swears by ylang ylang on a hanky and sniffed to relief blocked sinuses.