Thursday, February 12, 2009

One World One Heart Drawing!

The big day is finally upon us, and the kitties have worked hard to choose three lucky winners.

Buster contemplated the daunting task before him, eying the over 300 slips of paper liberally doused in catnip crumbs. (That's right - you who submitted herbs in an attempt to bribe the judges may not have considered that all the papers would become contaminated as they awaited the big moment, making it impossible for cats to tell which had originally carried the enticing offering. Oh well, they appreciated it nonetheless.)
It wasn't long before The Sidler arrived on the scene to offer his assistance. Between the two of them, they sniffed and snuffled, drooled a little and scattered, eventually choosing three lucky and very random winners.
#1 Breathing Beside Us, who gets first choice of the two originally offered pendants.
#2 Greenish Lady, who will receive the one BBU declines.
#3 Meandering Pearl, who will get the mystery prize.
This was much fun (despite a little work, which is to be expected when one chooses to hand write and cut the entries, and eschew modern conveniences like random number generators. Although, I must say my number generators were about as random as they come) and I wish I had more prizes to offer.
Thanks to all of you for visiting, looking at my site, leaving clever and/or sweet comments. I hope we will continue to get to know each other.
I do wish this was a less stalky, more trustful age, in which postal addresses were not kept so secret, as I had the urge to send out some further spontaneous surprises. Requesting an address though, sort of takes both the spontaneous and the surprise out of the idea.


  1. Oh Clarissa, your kitties are absolutely adorable!!! What a clever way to have them pick the winners! Oh, I so enjoyed seeing this, now I have a big smile on my face! Thanks for brightening my day! : )

  2. I totally love the bag the kits are taking the entrants from. I love things like that - so pretty!

  3. they do look like a couple of snuggli (when they want to be) kitties!

    Congratulations to all three lucky winners!

  4. i love your photo of your kitties busily choosing the lucky winners! i also prefer your method of random number selection! much more fun.

  5. oo i won!!!!!!! im so excited i am not a winner of things...ever! this is such a day-brightening surprize...loveliness on the breeze. Thank you isn't enough of a word!!!!!!!!

  6. Dear Clarissa, I have emailed, but find that my emails are sometimes being filtered out by over-vigilant spam-filters, especially in USA. Can you check your spam-filter? I don't want to put my postal address in here.

    I'm so delighted to have won one of your lovely gifts, and hope you'll be able to pick up my address.