Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not a Valentine

But it could be. I've known a few unique souls who would delight in receiving something like this as a token of affection. This, though, is a piece created for an upcoming art fundraiser. I guess it turned out this way because of the excessive bombardment of heart-shaped romantic advertising?

Maybe not.

This is the way I'd attack my art journal pages if I could, but for some reason I can't. At least not consistently. I can do it for altered book swaps and other such projects intended for others, but it seems somehow selfish and wasteful to put so much effort into a private journal page destined for my eyes only. That's a little sad, so I'm going to work on myself. As soon as I finish all these art pieces destined for public consumption.


  1. So beautiful!

    I struggle with the idea of art that isn't seen by anyone... but then I remember that its good to make as many things as possible beautiful/interesting, so regardless of whether or not its shared I'm going to try!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. so, if this is for the fundraiser, what did you do for the anti-valentine day contest? I think this is AWESOME. Nice work. :)

  3. Hi Clarissa,
    I'm happy to let you know that you have won my embroidered heart brooch through OWOH. You can email me on ciyoung AT optusnet DOT com Dot au to claim it. Please send you address details so I can post it out to you. Thank you for playing. I absolutely love your work and am glad I've found your blog.
    Cheers from Australia!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You were my #2 winner of the OWOH give-a-way. Please check out my blog for the details on how to claim your prize.

  5. Beautiful! But then all the things you make are just lovely.

  6. just found your blog
    i haven't been all the way through it
    love the piece by the way...
    and you MUST be involved with glass with your handle "glassgrrl" :)
    i work in glass as well so ...heeeellllooooo
    nice to meet you and happy valentines (or not) day


  7. Clarissa this is absolutely stunning! Count me among those who would be thrilled to own this piece!

    I too, am working on "art to keep" this year - in fact that was one of my New Years resolutions. All of my best stuff is swapped or given away, and I get to keep nothing except maybe an AB cover or two.

    Also enjoyed seeing your kitties choose your OWOH winner, even though it wasn't me. :)

    Cindy :)